March 15, 2006
Well, it certainly has been a while, eh? I've been watching FarkleberriesUSA - but I just haven't had much to say. Well, I've broken my silence, by-Joe... but you have to visit me @ my home, Multifarious Musings to read what I have to say about Martin, Moussaoui, Mistakes & Morality Musings.

Hope to see you there, and - hey, Thanks Jim, for many amusing hours of reading - you're one funny dude!!!!

And... Congrats, Nate!! (will he never learn??? ;-> )

And Lenka... I really miss Pork Roll - that posting in Farkleberries is going to be the death of me yet... you see, we can get it up here in the 'burgh now, also!!! Clog those arteries, baby!!!!!


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March 15, 2006
Hi. by Jon C.



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