March 22, 2006
A Few Words 
For someone who gets paid to talk for living, I'm not sure I have the right words, but I thought I should offer a few.

I met Jim Crump at WTEN (Ch. 10) in Albany, NY, after my "first" years at 'PTZ . I worked Albany from roughly 1994 to 1997. We both worked as tape and camera ops, as well as the occasional field shoots. We both worked part time, and we were both looking for something more.

After taking a week or so off for a vacation, a FT commercial producer position became available. Jim made a point of contacting me and letting me know -- an opportunity that otherwise would have completely passed me by, because no one else there, assuredly, would have bothered to let me know (I didn't get the job, regardless).

As time went by, I got a call from Jim Gratton at 5, and he offered the FOX 44 commercial job to me (there's was an LMA, as you know).

Remembering what Jim Crump had done stayed with me, so when a production position opened up at 'PTZ a year or so later, I let him know about it. He eventually interviewed and got the job.

I think we all knew, eventually, of some of the troubles and substance abuse he struggled with; it was hard for me to acknowledge, as many of those personal aspects were news to me, but I eventually found myself face-to-face with some of those issues.

For what it is worth, there was a good man beneath the troubles and the struggle. I sincerely hope that he has found peace.

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March 22, 2006
A Few Words by James



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