August 25, 2004
Russia's Bubble Baba Challenge a Rapid Rubbery Ride 
Russian racer in the Bubble Baba Challenge.  Photo courtesy Mosnews.comWhat will those wild and crazy Russians think of next, and why didn't the producers of Jackass think of this first? The second annual Bubble Baba Challenge sends brave souls of both genders racing down roaring Russian rapids - not on rafts, but on inflatable sex dolls:
The second Bubble Baba Challenge (in Russian, baba stands for "woman," only unlike the other word for woman, zhenschina, conveys not a shred of respect) was held on the Vuoksa river that runs in northwestern Russia a year after the first contest. Dmitry Bulawinov, the mastermind and organizer behind the unusual sporting event, says the idea of floating down the river in the embraces of a rubber woman was conceived as a joke at a party where the men got drunk and the women didn't show up. While considering the possible uses for a rubber woman on a camping trip, someone voiced the thought that a sex doll would make a handy flotation device.

It's far from the strangest idea that has ever come into the heads of imbibing camping aficionados, but unlike many other concepts of equal genius, this one was realized in life. Bulawinov set about advertising the sex doll rafting adventure opportunity online, and, ten months later, in August 2003, Bubble Baba Challenge 1 participants were eagerly hurling themselves through roaring rapids, buoyed by pneumatic breasts and hips.

"I went to the first race thinking it was going to be a celebration of idiocy," says Victor Kuryashkin, a 31-year-old programmer and old-time camper who came in third in this year's race and won last year's sex doll design contest. "I think the potential sponsors had the same attitude toward the event. But Dmitry's [Bulawinov] crew managed to create a good contest." He used the same "flotation device" both times, which, he underscores, he doesn't think of as a woman — he even painted "her" in camouflage colors and named her "The Nimble Missile Breast-Carrier."

Alexander Korolyov, a 45-year-old owner of an active recreation tour company and a life-long swimmer, came in first last year, second this year, and plans to participate in future contests, as well as refer his clients for joining in, says that the event is essentially a swimming race. He doesn't really think of it as much of a match, though — "It's just fun, I don't treat it as a contest. It's just a reason to go out of town for a weekend, to fool around." Still, this year he brought home an inflatable mattress as a trophy, while last year's award "was very immodest" and "too awkward to talk about."

Although vastly outnumbered by men excited about floating down the river atop a rubber chick, women did compete in the contest, finding nothing odd about using such unusual "lifesavers." Bulawinov and other organizers try to be fair and leave open the option of floating down on rubber men dolls, but unfortunately, they can't rent them out like they do the rubber women. "The men are too expensive, we can't afford them," he complains. [read full article on Mosnews]
And for dessert, bubble tea!

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August 25, 2004
Russia's Bubble Baba Challenge a Rapid Rubbery Ride by Lenka Reznicek



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