July 25, 2004
Sure, I'm Fond of My Stickshift . . . Why Do You Ask? 
Of the two camps that comprise our world, I include myself in the group that believes men with an overwhelming pride and attachment to their oversized truck or SUV are more than likely overcompensating for certain, well, shortcomings.

Consider for a moment, if you will, how frustratingly enraged some of these same men might be if they realized that their pride and joy actually bore a symbol that was profoundly and utterly feminine?

And while we're on the subject: is it just me, or does the new US Air Force logo look alot like the old Decepticons Transformers logo?

(Oh, and for the record, I drive a small, discreet Neon . . .)

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July 25, 2004
Sure, I'm Fond of My Stickshift . . . Why Do You Ask? by James



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