May 08, 2004
Fear and Loathing at 13 
I had a real eye-opener this morning while driving my daughters to school -- one of those defining moments that you know you will remember for the rest of your life.

My oldest daughter, a 13 year old, mentioned that she'd like to write some entries on her website about her disregard for some of our president's actions and decisions, and about what is happening in the Middle East, but that she probably wasn't going to, because it didn't seem like a good idea. When I ask her why, she said that "I'm afraid the FBI would come after me."

She didn't get that idea from me. This is a sensibility she has picked up from her surroundings. What a painful realization for me as a parent of young children . . . that this generation could very well be afraid to express itself, to criticize it's elected leaders without fear of governmental retribution? As all dads would do, I began to speak up so I could ease her fears, and offer her some words of reassurance, but I ended up saying nothing . . .

. . . because I'm not so sure she is wrong.

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May 08, 2004
Fear and Loathing at 13 by James



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