May 14, 2004
The Awful Death of Nick Berg: The Worst Kind of "Must-See TV" 
It's out there...on the Web, and it's not hard to find. I'm talking about the footage of Nick Berg being executed by Islamic militants - an event that marks the first time that easy access to high-speed Internet transmission of digitized video has allowed this type of content to transcend borders and spread across the globe like a virus in a matter of hours.
The decision to watch, or not to watch reminded me of Morpheus' proffering of the "blue pill" and the "red pill" to Neo in The Matrix - you make a choice, and your awareness of reality will change from that point onward. "What will it be? Blue? Or Red?" An awareness one gains with time is that sights can not be un-seen, sounds never un-heard; the luxury of casual forgetfulness doesn't apply when seeing the world's first globally-distributed snuff film. Clicking the link would be a pill I couldn't un-swallow.

I wouldn't call myself a sicko, and probably neither would most people seeking to watch the video. Although this is the worst kind of 'must-see TV,' human nature and curiosity compels us to watch it. Biblical scripture says doubting Thomas had to touch Christ's bleeding side to see if the spear wound was real. In the end, I decided to click.
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May 14, 2004
The Awful Death of Nick Berg: The Worst Kind of "Must-See TV" by Lenka Reznicek



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