May 03, 2004
2 New England Women Still Missing After Separate Car Crashes 
Maybe I've just watched too many X-Files episodes, but this news headline from WPTZ caught my attention - two women involved in separate car accidents are missing - they just disappeared after the crash. This article from April 9th says that
One of the women, 21-year-old "Maura Murray, had been a nursing student at the University of Massachusetts two months ago when she left campus and ran her car off the road near Woodsville. When a passerby went to call for help, she disappeared.

17-year-old [Brianna] Maitland...disappeared three weeks ago after leaving work at a Montgomery restaurant. The next morning police found her car backed into an abandoned building a mile away."
That is just plain weird. Anyone know any more about these disappearances from my old stomping grounds?

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May 03, 2004
2 New England Women Still Missing After Separate Car Crashes by Lenka Reznicek



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