April 01, 2004
Stop the World, I want to get off, Part 2 
Apt Pupil? NJ Teacher charged with choking 7-year old student who didn't do his homework with a makeshift noose. Because drugs, crime, bullies and decreasing school budgets aren't enough for people to worry about.

We Have Nothing to Fear But Boobs Themselves: that disturbing comment by Kansas Republican Senator Sam Brownback about the "subversively pro-terrorist nature" of this year's Super Bowl Halftime show, mentioned by Nate, brings to mind a period of history I thought we bid good riddance to years ago.

18 Smokin' Inches: sometimes a cigar is...just a cigar. But oh, what a stogie it is: "If you don't know how big that is, let's just say that men dream of it, and women would run in fear..." (via "Sugar, Mr. Poon?")

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April 01, 2004
Stop the World, I want to get off, Part 2 by Lenka Reznicek



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