April 02, 2004
The "Lesbian Barbie" T-Shirt Controversy  
In today's news, Natalie Young, an openly gay 15 year-old received a $30,000 settlement from New York City after she was sent home for the day from her middle-school class for wearing a T-shirt with the caption "Barbie is a Lesbian." Young stated in a press interview that the settlement should make life easier on other openly gay schoolchildren: "I think they should feel more comfortable about who they are."

But will this settlement help? Now, in my book, $30,000 dollars is a lot of compensation for being sent home from school for wearing a T-shirt with a controversial message. I strongly believe that gay and lesbian teens should have full protection against discrimination, taunting or bullying in schools - but despite the fact that her school did not in fact have a dress code in place at the time she was suspended, I think this settlement may be sending an unclear and potentially divisive message.

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April 02, 2004
The "Lesbian Barbie" T-Shirt Controversy  by Lenka Reznicek



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