March 07, 2004
The Taxman Cometh... 
Well, I spent the weekend filing our taxes... We're a 21st century family - our books are on Quicken, and we use TurboTax to file - I personally think it's the only way to file.

Enaways - one note of interest... Remember the Advance Child Tax Credit that "W" was touting as the "Jumpstart for the nations economy"? Well, I have 2 kids, so we got a check from "W" and Uncle Sam for $800. Very cool, I thought... at the time.

As it turns out, the first time I filed (electronically, remember??) my return got "bounced-back", because I forgot to include that $800 in my return. OOPS, my mistake - but the government is very forgiving in that arena, just add last years credit amount to the form, and re-file... For free!

TurboTax is very cool - it keeps a running total of your refund/what you owe as you work the forms. Well, I typed in my $800 error, and watched my current years refund reduce itself by (you guessed it!!!!) $800.

Yup... I've said it before, and now I'll say it again... The government givith - and then the government taketh away!!!!

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March 07, 2004
The Taxman Cometh... by Jon C.



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