March 05, 2004
Talk About Leaving a Bad Tip at the Restaurant... 
Sorry, couldn't resist. Here's a story that is guaranteed to make you want to float a biscuit; perhaps even a pair.

It's a mushroom! It's a shrimp! No, it's a....Severed Fingertip in Fast-Food Restaurant Salad!

I bet she's glad they weren't Supersizing. A good friend of mine once found a metal watch buckle in the ranch salad dressing at the W****'s in Plattsburgh. If I remember correctly, I think all the restaurant offered as compensation was a voucher for a free salad. A long time ago, my dad once found a large - albeit cooked - caterpillar in his serving of fried cauliflower. Ecch.

On that note, off to make dinner tonight and watch a movie...probably School of Rock, or Lost in Translation. Ever find anything interesting in your restaurant food?

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March 05, 2004
Talk About Leaving a Bad Tip at the Restaurant... by Lenka Reznicek



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