March 13, 2004
Staggering down memory lane... 
Kelly and I were cleaning our mudroom (A.K.A. the black vortex), and I walked by my old LPs one time too many... the temptation was just too much!

Wow, Supertramp - Crime of the Century, sitting right next to the Saturday Night Live soundtrack (Don't worry, it didn't catch anything from that!), and I still have a decent turntable attached to the home theatre!.

Great tunes? - Bloody Well Right! Unfortunately, my Chicago albums didn't fare as well, they go played a lot, and sound that way.

The music of "my time" somehow seems much more simpler now then it seemed at the time - I guess that's what growing-up is all about, eh?

SeeYa - I'm gonna go listen to more sounds of the 70's!

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March 13, 2004
Staggering down memory lane... by Jon C.



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