February 06, 2004
Dammit, Janet: or, you deserve nothing but the very breast entertainment 
Will it be the breast that broke the camel's back...er, eye (not to be confused with threading a camel through the eye of a needle, a task probably more difficult than trying to remove a silver sun-shaped ni-...oh, never mind.)? You've got to hand it to those Jacksons: they know how to get publicity.
"This particular event might be, for the moment, the straw that broke the camel's back on the patience of the audience," said talk show host Carson Daly, a veteran presence on MTV, which produced the offending halftime show. "Tolerance of this sort of sexual imagery may have reached its peak."

Unlike other milestones of indecency -- rock star Bono using the f-word on the 2003 Golden Globes, or Madonna and Britney Spears tongue-kissing on MTV -- Jackson chose to reveal herself before the largest TV audience of the year. And she did it precisely when federal authorities are mulling a crackdown on broadcast indecency.

The Jackson case could have a "galvanizing effect" on the move to toughen standards, said FCC Commissioner Michael Copps, who has complained his commission has been toothless in responding to complaints
Even NBC is reacting to the threatened crackdown, by cutting a scene from ER where a woman's breast appears.

The day after the *JJSBBI, I wrote a rather simple post on farkleberries about the whole boob-bra-ha. Well, Margaret Cho has her own mordantly politic take on the whole bouncy affair; vive le poitrine!
"The world that we have created that goes against the truth, the natural order of things...you know what it says? Life must be dirty. Existence is obscene. The fact that we have bodies and exist inside of them should be under investigation. Well, that is the scandal of the century. We have no respect and no accountability. We use women's bodies when it serves the purpose of selling our bullshit back to ourselves, but when an artist uses her body, in a manner of her own choosing, to express her womanness, her sexuality, and most importantly ON HER OWN TERMS - then it is something to be punished, then it is something to be angry about, then apologies are demanded, invitations are retracted, and the system chokes on its own misogyny and injustice.

This is just a witch hunt in tit hunt clothing - and it makes me want to start a c*nt hunt revolution my own self. Please - prime time television has been assaulted by Dennis Franz' bare ass for years - and I love that "NYPD Blue," but he did not have to burn at the stake for it."
Okay. I agree with some of what she says there; but on the other hand, Dennis Franz didn't bare his ass during a halftime Super Bowl duet.

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February 06, 2004
Dammit, Janet: or, you deserve nothing but the very breast entertainment by Lenka Reznicek



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