February 13, 2004
Why Didn't I Think of That? The GrooveTube! 
Gracias to Invincible As Long As I Live (aka Rockin' Your Ass Since 1985), for linking to farkleberriesUSA!

Sometimes, the most amazing inventions are the simplest; take the *Ronco® Showtime Rotisserie™, for example (I jest). J-Walk's Blog (a 'classic' blog, in the purest sense of the term) tips us to the GrooveTube™, a rectangular grid of translucent plastic cubes that suction-cups to your television screen (provided it does not measure more than 22" diagonal) and transforms the realistic (ok, semi-realistic) image on your TV into a soothing, pixelated ever-changing interplay of colors.

For example, look at the image at the left. It's a GrooveTube™-ed version of Janet Jackson's breast during the Super Bowl Halftime Show!

No? Ok, I admit, I lied. It's really Ted Koppel in the desert at the beginning of war in Iraq.

"Ooooh! Aaaah! Look at the colors!" It's probably wonderful for nurseries, sickrooms, mental hospitals and crash pads. *Note the ad blurb next to the Showtime Rotisserie that proclaims, "I LOST 26 POUNDS IN 30 DAYS!! and other Amazing Weight Loss Stories." Someone lost 26 pounds in a month eating braces of roast chicken?

What were they eating before? Pound bricks of lard?

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February 13, 2004
Why Didn't I Think of That? The GrooveTube! by Lenka Reznicek



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