February 11, 2004
A Welcome to Our Newest Bloggers! 
I'd like to welcome the newest members of farkleberriesUSA (in chronological order), Elizabeth, James, Todd and Nate!

Elizabeth lives in the Burlington, Vermont area, and has a delightfully twisted sense of humor and a singularly superlative music collection. Want to hear the best new music from anywhere on the planet? Ask Beth: she knows. Plus, she's a fellow Ultravox fan.

James is also an old friend from the Creative World, and a fellow fan of sushi, anime and unusual music. He recently moved to the Southwest and is learning to appreciate the unique delights of the desert, such as horchata.

I've known Todd for over almost fifteen years - he's a great friend who is a "Earthly Wizard" in many senses! He also now resides in California. {I miss Daphne and he a lot!}

Nate and I go back a long way as well...we're "serial co-workers" as well as friends! We first met at our old college radio station in the late 80's, then worked together at commercial AM/FM station for a few years, and then eventually worked together again in television commerical production! Truly a small world.

I am truly honored and so pleased that they've joined the farkleberriesUSA project: welcome aboard!

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February 11, 2004
A Welcome to Our Newest Bloggers! by Lenka Reznicek



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