February 23, 2004
He's Baaaack!!! 
 OK - I'll fess-up, I voted for Ralph Nader in the last election. Ralph in 2000At the time, I was dealing with the fact that I wasn't a right-wing  Republican, like the majority of the rest of my family... I thought Gore was a bore, and quite frankly - I just plain-old like Ralph Nader. I think that I may have perhaps also swung that pendulum a little bit too far to the left also, however: kind-of a knee-jerk reaction to the realization of my political stance.

Yeah, about Mr. Nader, I like the fact that he was looking out for the little guy in the early 70's. Hey, remember Unsafe At Any Speed - his tome on the Chevy Corvair, and the auomobile industry in general?? My first car was a hand-me-down 1966 Corvair and I can attest... everything he said about that car was true. Mr. Nader has ALWAYS been a man of the people: environment, big industry, government - he's always had the courage to stand-up to them, and for the little guy... he's one of my heros because of that.

Well, he running again, and the Democratic party is worried. I can't say as if I blame them - but there also seems to be quite alot of anger toward him, also - this I don't understand. Last I checked, anyone who want's to run for the presidency has that right, right? I wonder if the Democratic party asked him to join their party... they should! I digress, and I wish Mr. Nader well, he's a good man...

Anyways, back to my point...

Sorry, Ralph, I'm NOT voting for you this  time, no way, and I hope like-minded people feel the same as I . I learned my lesson from the last election, the lesson that sometimes you have to vote against, not for, a President. It surely seems sad, and cynical, but even though I didn't vote for "W", I'm in part responsible for his rise to the Presidency. I won't make that mistake again, for sure.

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February 23, 2004
He's Baaaack!!! by Jon C.



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