February 12, 2004
Another blow for the sanctity of marriage 
Feeling a bit under the weather today*, so I'm not going to ponder the ramifications of this story... all that I will say, is that you'd think after 43 years together - they'd be able to work-out just about any problem they should run into, ya know?

...I mean - Geeze, what kinda message are we sending to are kids here?

Man, I'm depressed...

I'm tired....

I feel like poo.....

The couple, during better times.

Oh, well!

*Upon pondering - I've come to realize that, when you get right down to it - unless you're, like, on the space station, that we're ALL are under the weather - so I guess I should stop using this term, eh?

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February 12, 2004
Another blow for the sanctity of marriage by Jon C.



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