December 20, 2007
More Meandering Thoughts and Notes From Las Vegas 
While driving across town, I happened to pass by a Citizens Area Transit bus stop just as a woman stumbled away from the bench and re-enacted this scene.

When we moved into our current rental home, there was an opening in the wall between the dining room and the living room. The realtor called it a "pony wall". At the office, when they use inter-office mail, they don't say "send it by inter-office mail", they say "pony it to the other office." What the hell is it with these people and ponies?

Real deal diner: My significant other and I have found a great diner -- Miami Beach Grill House. The food is great, which just makes the Formica counters, stainless steel, neon, and the Wurlitzer jukebox all the more enjoyable. It's already a Saturday morning tradition for us.

A visit to some area furniture shops has exposed me to a type of overstuffed, over-carved, over-guilded furniture that I've only been able to describe as "Las Vegas Grotesque". It's the furniture equivalent to the old man with the spray-on tan, the comb-over, the over-sized mirror sunglasses, and multiple gold chains.

Great food, silly name. Or is that just my Western ear?

Our company Christmas party at Tuscany Casino was down the hall from a cross-dresser's coronation party. Their music was better.

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December 20, 2007
More Meandering Thoughts and Notes From Las Vegas by James



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