May 10, 2007
Cos We Love You, Mr. Moonlight 

I love the desert, I really do. And the closer to the border you get, the more of it's "own world" it becomes.

I've always enjoyed the charms of moonlight, and in a non-lunatic, non-lycanthropic way, I have to admit I've always felt more at peace, and more 'centered' during a full moon. Maybe because it's a big night light, literally and figuratively?

Now a Tucson, Arizona based inventor by the name of Richard Chapin has created a device that uses an array of mirrors roughly the size of drive-in movie screen to focus the moon's blue-tinged light on fans of this new "moonshine":

"On some nights, as many as 120 people show up, arriving from around Arizona and the rest of the country. Richard Chapin, the inventor, concedes there is no empirical proof of moonlight's beneficial powers because it has never been studied before. He counts himself a pioneer, not a dreamer, using money he earned by founding a Tucson swap meet."

Interested? Chapin doesn't charge, but he does accept $10 donations.

As for me, if I feel the need to get "mooned", I'll just step into the backyard and look skyward . . .

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May 10, 2007
Cos We Love You, Mr. Moonlight by James



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