June 27, 2006
Grown Men Reading Comic Books 
It's coming . . . it's just a few weeks away. I'll be adding to my Love & Rockets collection (though why I wait for the convention rather than just ordering from the catalog I can't explain. Perhaps it's a tactile thing -- thumbing through the racks, and just taking in the surroundings . . . to include the "cosplayers", which will include my two daughters. They wanted me to go as this guy from Final Fantasy, and I'd be more than happy to share their fun, but it just won't time out with the purchase of a black suit (I was planning to get one, but it won't happen in time for the convention).

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June 11, 2006
Out of the Bat Cave 

No clever commentary or socio-political observations. It just made me smile. (backstory here).

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June 10, 2006
Are We Not Men? 
There's something poetic about the fact that while they were at their height of stardom (such as it was during my high school years -- unavoidably filled with the echos of Journey, Bonnie Tyler, Iron Maiden, etc.), I was never able to see my all-time favorite band in concert . . . and now that things, have, well, devolved to the point that the band members have shilled for Swiffer and have spawned DEVO regenerations . . at long last I am going to see them in concert (later this fall -- VIP tickets, and all).

While I'll admit I was a bit obsessed (oxymoron?), I never bought into their more obscure posturing such as the origin of modern man deriving from the practices of cannibalistic apes (which I enjoyed, as I think the band members did, as a long-running tongue-in-cheek "hey isn't this a laugh" joke).

What I enjoyed then, and what is bringing me to plunk down my hard earned cash now, is this simple fact that I just loved the music, and I loved the spoof on celebrity. I mean, seriously, we buy assloads of fan-related crap for all types of musicians and movie stars, and these guys managed to pitch energy domes and potato themed paraphernalia. There's a perverse genius at work there that I really have to admire. And "Girl You Want" kicks ass.

(PS-- I'll also be pogo-ing to the tunes of When In Rome, Bow-Wow-Wow, A Flock of Seagulls, Animotion, and a number of "one-hits" whose names I can't recall).

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June 27, 2006
Grown Men Reading Comic Books by James
June 11, 2006
Out of the Bat Cave by James
June 10, 2006
Are We Not Men? by James



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