March 03, 2005
Safer Bananas 
The Banana Bunker™The Banana Bunker™ is the hot new way to protect your banana(s) from crushing in transit - and everything in your bag, pockets, or briefcase from mashed banana goo. Unfortunately, you may not want to be seen in public with one, or take one in your checked luggage in case you're picked for a "spot search." High schoolers of either gender might be especially cautious about packing one of these in their lunchboxes. Me, I've ordered a pack of 5 - one for me, one for my better half (who takes a daily banana in her briefcase, at perilous risk of banana-asplosion), and a few to use as stocking stuffers. Oh yes, they will stuff a stocking something fine.

And, as Gizmodo says, "...other uses might include an ice breaker for a picnic first date, or alternatively, an easy way to end a date that isn't going well at all." Ayuh. [via Gizmodo]

But, can you legally ship one to Alabama?

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March 03, 2005
Safer Bananas by Lenka Reznicek



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